China Builds 718,000 5G Base Stations, Aims to Roll Out 6G by 2029

it is a lot of tower implementation of Chinese companies in china, that will be helping to meet with IOT.

The Chinese government made a plan to launch a 6G network around the country that fasting 5G network within the deadline, also formed two several groups to look at the overall progress, one group will help the government to make plan and process for implementing the network another group will make institutes, universities and research firm to form a technical work flow.

Huawei CEO said 6G is a long way from now, still, in the early stage, technical parameters and implementation processes are not standardized. Now 5G is a political point for the US and China, competing with each other for furthering network.

over a few months, countries are working to establish the 5G network because of the IOT point.